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The Next Generation Text/Note Book in General Practice

Having scored among the highest for the 2018 July RACGP fellowship exams’ KFP segment, with 71.51% (18.56% above the pass mark), I would be conducting a series of webinars aiming the AKT and KFP (Mainly KFP) segment of the 2020.2 and February 2021 Exam.

I would be elaborating the answering techniques and highlighting the critical areas to study.

I would provide you with a complete, up-to-date set of notes to study, which I initially created for my fellowship exams in 2018 July, and has been now updated and reviewed for your use. I have included all check program extracts and AFP/AJGP articles in my notes.


Subject Areas

KFP Questions & Answers

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  • The notes are available to purchase now in 4 Chapters
  • Structure of the webinar – KFP questions from the relevant section would be discussed at each webinar. Dr Ramindhu would also highlight the important areas to study in each chapter
  • Following the webinars, you can contact Dr Ramindhu for any questions regarding AKT/KFP via email or phone


Dermatology notes are for free - Read them HERE

Candidates Appearing For 2020.2 Exam (Currently Postponed)

All Note Sets, Webinars and Questions

( Access until the exam )

Candidates Appearing For February 2021 Exam

Note Set, Recorded and Upcoming Webinars

( Access until 28th Feb 2021 )


  • Access to all chapters ( chapter 1 to 5, including access to webinars and KFP questions ) can be extended at any time for 75$ per month if you have bought a package at or above 700$
  • Access to notes only ( chapter 1 to 4, without access to webinars and KFP questions ) can be extended at any time for 60 $ per month if you have bought a package at or above 700$
  • A link to extend your access would be emailed to you before your access expires

Candidates Appearing in July' 2021

Note Set, Recorded and Upcoming Webinars

( Access until 31st Jul, 2021 )

Candidates Appearing in Feb' 2022

Note Set, Recorded and Upcoming Webinars

( Access until 28th Feb 2022 )

$ 150

( Excluding GST )


  • Access until 28th Feb' 2021
  • Introduction to AKT/KFP
  • KFP Answering Techniques
  • 50 KFP Questions
  • Study Resources and Guidelines
  • ATSI Heath
  • Dermatology (Free)
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Live webinar on 09-08-2020 (If you can not attend the webinar, a recording of the webinar will be uploaded to the portal )

$ 600

( Excluding GST )

CHAPTER 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Access until 28th Feb' 2021
  • Access To Notes and Webinars
  • Chapter 1 not included
  • 2nd Webinar on 27-9-2020 7 PM
  • 3rd Webinar on 25-10-2020 7 PM
  • 4th Webinar on 22-11-2020 7 PM
  • Live Webinars Are Recorded
  • Access To 165 KFP Questions
  • Monthly Webinars in September, October and November

Buy Access To Notes Only - Monthly Access

( Chapters 1 to 4 without access to Webinars and KFP Questions )


  • For candidates appearing for PEP Exam or for GPs requiring access to notes for daily patient management
  • Buy now for access until 28th Feb 2021, followed by 60$ per month ( Can cancel any time )
  • You can add the collection of Webinars and KFP Questions for 200$ at any point by purchasing Chapter 5 in addition

Buy Access To Webinars And Questions Only

( Chapter 5 - All 4 Webinars and KFP Questions without access to Notes )


  • Access Until 28th Feb 2021
  • Access to All 4 Webinars
  • Notes Not Included
  • All Live Webinars Are Recorded
  • Access to 150 KFP Questions
  • Webinars in August, September, October and Novemver 2020 (will also be recorded and uploaded to the portal)

A link to the live webinar would be mailed to you 24 hours before the webinar

Email admin@clinicroom.com for any other combination of chapters / access

  • You can contact Dr Ramindhu Galgamuwa via Phone  or email for questions related to AKT/KFP
  • Notes would be further updated over the next 6 months


KFP is about an Art of Answering. You need to have a sound theory knowledge and the technique of answering should be understood to score.

In KFP, which is the hardest segment of the exam,- 586 of the 686 candidates who failed (85%), scored between 52.95% and 42.95%, which is within 10% below the pass mark.  This subset of candidates would  benefit the most from knowing the KFP techniques to push them over the pass mark.


Uptodate – USA

RACP Manuals in Pathology

RACGP Publications

Check Program by RACGP

eTG – Australia

AFP Articals by RACGP

NPS Medicine for Pharmacology

Immunisation Handbook of Australia

Dermnet – New Zealand

NHMRC Guidelines

ECG – Life on Fast Lane

Western Australian Pathways in Clinical Imaging

Murtage’s General Practice

State Health Department Guidelines 

Radiology Master Class


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