Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to Login. I got Invalid User/Invalid Password/ Locked Out message.

In most of the cases, Login problem arises because of wrong email id and password multiple times. 1) Check if the entered Email ID is correct. 2) Check if your Password is correct, and Caps Lock is not enabled 3) If you can not remember your Password, click on reset password link on the Login window and provide Email Id to reset your password. 4) If you are locked out, wait for 6 minutes and try again. 5) If still not able to login, send and email stating your registered Email Id to 5) During Exams and emergencies, WhatsAapp to our support number +91-7738455888 and your issue will be immediately resolved.

Do you have a Support Contact Number for WhatsApp?
ClinicRoom has a dedicated support number +917738455888 where you can WhatsApp in case of any technical issues you face on ClinicRoom platform.
How The Course Is Structured

The whole course is structured as 4 Chapters. All Chapters covers particular KFP topics and note sets.

How Many Live Webinars Are There?

There will be one Live Webinar for each Chapters. The Webinar dates will be declared on the website.

How Can I Attend The Live Webinar After I Subscribe?

A link to the live webinar would be mailed to you 24 hours before the webinar.

Why Some Chapter Topics Are Blank?

Those are upcoming Chapters. They will be uploaded in a later date. Anybody who has paid for the chapters will get immediate access to the topics and note sets as soon as they are published.

Can I Pre-Register For An Upcoming Chapter?

You can Pre-Register for any upcoming chapter. The Topics, Webinar and Note Sets will be immediately available to you as soon as they are published. 

Can I Get A Refund After Paying For A Chapter?

Please contact for refund related requests. 

What Payment Modes Are Supported?

Currently we accept any Credit and Debit cards.

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