A complete note set for General Practitioners sitting the “Practice Experience Program” (PEP) exam on 
10th of January 2020 
The note set covers the breath and depth for the FRACGP exam, and is currently being used by the FRACGP exam candidates. 
The breath you need to know for the PEP exam would be the same, but the depth may be lesser. 
Having scored among the highest at the 2018 July RACGP fellowship exams’ written segment with 71.51% ( 18.56 % above the pass mark ), I have being conducting a series of webinars supplemented by a complete note set for RACGP candidates since April 2019.
Following topics would be covered in my notes – 
    Ear, Nose and Throat 
    Eye notes
    Sexually transmitted diseases 
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health- 
    Red book Notes 
    Cardiovascular Disease 
    Palliative care and Pain 
    Hepatology  – Pancreas 
    Mens Health 
    Travel medicine 
    Emergency medicine 
    Infections Disease 
    Breast Disease 
You would gain access until 18th of January 2020
Disregard the recorded webinars and the KFP questions in the portal – Concentrate on notes
If you have any questions, you can contact the author of the notes via – ramindhu@clinicroom.com 
You can buy all the notes for a longer period by visiting www.clinicroom.com.au 
You can email me / contact me for any questions until the exam. 
Thank you 
Dr Ramindhu Galgamuwa 
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