mechanism unknown
always after the drug is administered within a few hours the rash comes –
face / hand / genitalia can be effected commonly –
usually bright red
Typical drugs:
    • phenolphthalein
    • tetracyclines
    • penicillins
    • sulphonamides
    • salicylates
    • oral contraceptive pill
    • barbiturates
    • quinine

What does fixed drug eruption look like?

Fixed drug eruption presents as well defined, round or oval patches of redness and swelling of the skin, sometimes surmounted by a blister. This then fades to a purplish or brown colour and the blister shrinks and peels off. In mucosal sites (lips, vulva, penis), extensive ulcerationcan occur.
The hands and feet, lips, eyelids, genitalia and perianal areas are common sites. 
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